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The Hukins Pavilion

The Hukins Pavilion


The Hukins Pavilion is the apex of elegance and craftsmanship employing styles from histories great builders. The hammer beam design draws inspiration from classical architecture with complex geometric joinery. This design showcases the best features of solid timber construction. This pavilion comes standard with 8” x 12” posts, 8” x 10” headers, 8” x 12” truss members, 4” x 6” rafters and 4” x 12” hand sculpted braces. The ceiling is crafted with 2”x 6” v groove. The cove & bead header profiles add an attractive touch. Customize this with a fireplace and oversized piers to serve as buffet or bar tops to entertain guests. With sizes starting at 24’ x 30’ this pavilion offers the perfect expression of strength and beauty.

All Features are customizeable according to preference.

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