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Become a DecoBeams franchisee

Dear potential partner,

I would like to thank you for taking the time to receive information on our business model. We are happy to share our passions for entrepreneurship and interior finishing with you and hope to pass them on to you.

This is an introductory backgrounder that answers frequently asked questions about various aspects of our franchises. Throughout the process of studying our business model we will provide you with more complete information. At any time you are welcome to contact us with questions and clarifications, we will be happy to work with you.

Looking forward,

Dave Garneau

General Director

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Why choose DecoBeams

There are several reasons to be part of a franchise network unlike being an independent entrepreneur and even better,

to choose the DecoBeams network:

• Own your own business within a unique network of partners franchisees

• Be independent and manage your financial and operational processes yourself

• Leverage a structure and systems that facilitate efficient and effective management effective in achieving financial and

   operational objectives

• Call center

• Integrated computer system for managing submissions and billing

• Have the opportunity to participate in the decision-making process through your participation in different committees

• Benefit from very low fixed costs

• Work as a team to maximize your success      

• You benefit from the notoriety of a well-known brand from the opening

• The supply chain is already in place 


• You benefit from proven techniques and initial and continuing training 


• You benefit from high-quality technical assistance

• Advertising, marketing and the website are developed & continuously updated

Do you Possess the following qualities?

  • You are a born entrepreneur
  • You are respectful and want to provide outstanding customer service
  • You are dynamic and are ready to overcome all obstacles
  • You are rigorous and are well organized
  • You want to surpass yourself and constantly improve
  • You like teamwork

What is the key to success according to DecoBeams?

Our ideology is based on offering a turnkey service as well as cutting-edge expertise to guide you in your project.

With a fervent desire to innovate with local products, we collaborate with passionate suppliers across the province.

Outstanding customer service is essential to us. Consequently, we choose our franchise partners

based on their entrepreneurial spirit and we equip them with the necessary tools so that they run

their franchise like a Full-fledged SME. At DecoBeams, starting a franchise is much more than buying

a name and equipment, which is why we rely heavily on training and continuous improvement.

How long has DecoBeams been around and how many franchises are part of the network?

DecoBeams was founded in 2022 by Dave Garneau, founder of the company BAM Wood Inc., and Joshua Morvant, founder of the company Revival Timberworks LLC. Already working in the world of Home Improvement. Having already proven in USA and Canada that the franchising model in the construction field is a success, the two entrepreneurs set to work to set up an operations management team.

Approximately how much it will cost you to get started?

Between $70K and $80K

We offer a turnkey concept which includes:

- Franchise Fee – Exclusive right to operate in your territory
- Complete training (travel and meals included)
- Inventory products and working capital
- Opening marketing campaign
- Equipment
- Vehicle sign
- Permit
- Accounting and legal fees
- Miscellaneous costs

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